6 Amazing First Birthday High Chair Decoration Ideas


Is it your child’s first birthday? If yes, you must be extremely excited and want to make it his/her best birthday, even though your baby will not remember it. But of course, along with your kid, it is a special day for you because you have completed a whole year of parenthood.

To make the day enjoyable for both of you, you can decorate your child’s high chair. It will make your kid happy and excited while you will have fun getting the seat ready.

Here we have brought six amazing ideas of high chair decoration for the first birthday of your lovely little angel.



Simple “ONE” Letters


If you are running late for ‘how to make a high chair decoration’ ideas, this would be the perfect one. All you need is some glitter paper, a pair of scissors, and glue.

Cut the paper in the shape of the letters “ONE,” and stick them on the high chair’s desk. You can choose the color of the paper that will complement the chair’s color. It requires minimal effort, and it will still look classy and beautiful in pictures than most of the decorations.


DIY Banners: Fabric, Ribbons, Paper


If you are feeling crafty and want your kid’s high chair to look extraordinary, you can use fabrics, ribbons, and paper to create a banner. This high chair decoration DIY idea will set you apart from all fellow moms.

With the help of ribbons and fabrics, you can tie knots or make bows. Then you will have to cut the paper in different shapes to make the banner look good. You can shape the paper according to your child’s preferences and favorite things. For example, if they like a specific cartoon character, you can shape the papers in that. Plus, you can add the letters “ONE” into your design.




Most busy parents find tinsel to be the best high chair decoration 1st birthday idea. It is both convenient and cheap and will make the high chair look amazingly beautiful.

You can find tinsel anywhere in the market, even in the dollar stores. Buy some of them and stick them wherever you feel like. To keep it simple, you can keep them just to the front of the desk. Or if you want to give a little on-board, you can stick them to the legs of the seat as well.


Monster High Chair


Unlike other high chair decorations 1st birthday DIY ideas, this requires a little effort from your side. But when you and your young one will see the results, it will be worth all the efforts. You will need a large cloth piece, some colorful papers, ribbons, markers, glue, and a pair of scissors for this idea. Then you will have to obey the following steps.

  • Use the large cloth to cover the background of the seat. You can use a paper for that purpose too.
  • Cut some papers in the shape of the eyes and stick them to the hung cloth/paper.
  • Make a few teeth and stick them under the seat (keep the number of teeth more on the upper side of the bench than on the lower). Remember to keep the teeth long and sharp to make them look like “monster teeth.”
  • On the upper teeth, write letters “ONE” using the marker.
  • Cover the broader ends of the teeth using ribbons, and your work is done.

This is the best idea for decorations for 1st birthday boy if you want it to look extraordinary. You can also cover the chair’s legs in fun monster legs to complete the look.



High Chair Tutu/Tulle


Out of all the ideas for high chair decorations for 1st birthday girl, this is the cutest one. If you are a fan of tutus, then this time, make it for the seat. You will need some tulle, scissors, string, some papers, and tape/glue. After grabbing all these items, sit at one place, and follow the order.

  • Cut the tulle into 15-20 inch pieces and tie them around the string. You can take multiple colored pieces to make it look more colorful.
  • Cut the paper into the shape of a flag and write the letter “ONE” one three different flags individually.
  • Punch these flags and tie them with the string.
  • Stick the string to the desk of the seat, and you are good to go.

You can also use some old tulle to make this design. It will look beautiful in the pictures and in real-time as well. You can use it in a fairy or animal theme party, where it will fit in naturally.




If you are hosting an outdoor party, this would be the best idea for high chair decoration. All you need is lots of colorful feathers, glue, and a string. Stick the feathers on to the string using a strong adhesive. Then tie this string on the table of the high chair. Two variations you can try with this idea are:

  • Balloons: You can add similar colored balloons on the side of the chairs that will complete the look, and it will look fabulous from all sides.
  • Feather Chains: You can make long chains of feathers and add them to the chair’s sides. Else, you can add it to the backdrop to make it look colorful.

It is a versatile idea that can be used with any other approach. You can also add the “ONE” letters with it, or the feathers can be accompanied with ribbons and clothes. Just remember, not to mismatch the ideas, or it will look odd.




Your baby’s first birthday must be special for them and you as well. Ensure you check all the ideas on how to make high chair decoration for your kid so that they will look lovely in all the pictures. You can select any of the designs based on how much effort you can put and the party’s theme. Or you can mix and match two designs to create one of your own.


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