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Eating is the most fun time for young kids and the most challenging task for you, especially when you have just started with baby-led weaning. You may encounter many issues, out of which, making the youngster sit in one place and eat in peace is significant. If they eat from your hand, they create problems in swallowing. Or, if they are self-feeding, they create a massive mess around them. The trouble is on you in both cases. However, there exists a tool that makes your work a lot easier by keeping the child in one place. It is called a high chair with footrest.

High chairs have been popular for ages. You can find yours, your parents’, or even your grandparents’ chairs lying around somewhere in the junk. As time went and technology got advanced, the types and variety of chairs got better. With so many options available now, it becomes difficult for people to select the perfect one according to their requirements. But in most cases, it has been seen that baby high chair with footrests is the most comforting and beneficial ones. Some of the reasons why you should prefer these types of chairs instead of others are:


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The very first factor you check before buying anything for your little one is how comfortable it would be for them. While several variants of high chairs guarantee you the best satisfaction, none can compete with footrest high chairs. It gives extra support to the legs and ensures that the toddler sits well on the chair while eating. And not only to legs, but it also helps keep the entire lower body settled, resulting in a more comfortable seating position.

High chairs that do not incorporate any base for the feet tend to divert the eater’s mind from food to finding a comfortable sitting position. The kid’s whole time is wasted in this in which they would have eaten something. They might also create a mess in the procedure. On the other hand, high chair footrest gives that extra assistance in sitting. So they can eat in peace without creating much fuss.




A common phenomenon that worries most parents during baby-led weaning is gagging. It is because they cannot differentiate between a gag and choke, which makes them think that their little angel is at risk. It happens because of the wrong position. The throat cannot swallow the provided food due to the chair’s stability and the toddler’s continuous movement.

A solution to this is the high chair with footrest. With the added support for the foot, the child does not make many movements and stay stable while eating. It not only helps them in concentrating on the food but also with the development of various good food habits. It is crucial as habits that a person grows at this age remains with them for the longest time.


Improve posture


It has been proven that a leg supported chair is beneficial in maintaining posture as compared to the chair with no footrest. The reason being, the kid is able to sit in a well-settled position for a long time with support to the legs. That keeps their back straight and their legs at the perfect posture for eating. When this happens with every meal, several other benefits are noticed as well.

When the little one grows, their legs stretch, and it becomes almost impossible for them to sit without support on the high chair. In this condition, you are left with two choices.

  • High Chair With Adjustable Footrest: Several variants offer adjustable footrest. So, it can easily be set according to the little one’s current requirements.
  • DIY Footrest For High Chair: You can make your own footrest for an existing high chair. As this is an extension of the original product, it can be adjusted whenever required.




High chairs are a crucial part of every young one’s growth process. From keeping them in one place to helping them eat, there is nothing that a high chair is not a part of. That is why you need to pick the correct one to make their growing-up experiences enjoyable rather than uncomfortable. So, you can either find a new high chair with a footrest or add a DIY footrest to your existing one.

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