A Smart Guide to Stop Your Baby Throwing Food from High Chair


The problem of your baby throwing food from high chair is very frequent for new mothers. It is usually very bothering for most women who anyway get tired coming up with new tricks all the time so that their little ones do not throw up during the meals.

In a lot of cases, casting away eatables is a result of learning to control as well as coordinate what is being fed, and the process of developing good motor skills.

In fact, babies who are between six to eight months, rarely throw up edibles deliberately. For slightly older kids aged nine to twelve months, it becomes an activity in learning cause and effect.

Babies often tend to throw up food because they are choosy about the color or texture of the served item and sometimes also because they do not know how to eat it.

The following tips will surely help you tackle your kids’ relationship with what you feed them.


Limit What You are Providing on Tray


First and foremost it is important to understand that one of the top things to remember so that your baby stops throwing edibles on the floor is to understand the quantity you should be putting on the plate or bowl.

Sometimes anxious, super caring mothers put a lot of eatable items at one go on the plate and in order to not waste the extra stuff end up making the toddler overeat.

Initially, it might seem that your toddler will not throw up food off the high chair, but when you are finally over with the meal, the toddler might end up throwing up all of the items at the end. Sometimes, your child might not even be ready for solid meals yet.

So, be wise and put only small portions of edibles at a time on the plate for your little one to eat.


Don’t Turn it into a Fun Game


Another thing to remember to prevent your toddler from dropping eatables is that you should not turn it into a game that he or she gets entertained by. A lot of babies throw up baby food because they find it fun and amusing.


Teach your Family to React Properly


Kids, babies, toddlers like being the center of attraction. The way your family members react to your little one throwing up grub is very important because in most cases the extra attention or reaction intensifies the tendency of your baby to throw up eatables more often.

If you have older children in the family too, they do not react the right way when the infant or toddler throws up eatable items. You have to ensure that the other members are calm and do not egg on the youngest member, and are neutral in their expressions.


Is Your Kid Really Hungry?


To tackle the problem of your toddler or little one throwing food off the high chair, as a parent you should take time and understand if your infant is at all hungry.

A lot of new mothers usually get too unnecessarily concerned about their child getting hunger pangs several times in the day. This does not happen, so stop overfeeding in order to stop your baby from throwing up food. Sometimes when they are really hungry, they might just gulp down whatever is fed to them without going for tantrums.

However, on other occasions, throwing up edibles might just be the last option for your child to communicate to you that they are already full.


Teach Not To Throw Food by Putting It to an Empty Bowl


If you are tired of your toddler dropping edibles on the floor, you might finally be able to teach your toddler discipline and good eating habits by putting the items in an empty bowl.

Sometimes kids, even when they turn a bit older, do not get over this tendency to throw up food on the floor or on their clothes, or on the clothes of the one who might be feeding them.

You can even try teaching your toddler not to throw up food on the floor directly, by demonstrating to them that the thrown up food is to be kept separately on the plate and not with the rest of the fresh items.


If Throwing Continues, End the Meals


Sometimes no matter what you do you might still be struggling with how to teach your baby not to drop eatables.

Sometimes some kids face difficulty digesting things, and might be suffering from a certain disorder or facing some discomfort, and thus throw up food. It is better to stop feeding your baby and consult a doctor if this continues after every meal.


Keep Your Pets Away From the Vicinity


In most cases, it is very amusing for your child to watch the pet gulp down the items as soon as the baby throws them off the high chair. So it is advisable that you keep your dog or pet a little away from the child when he or she is in the stage of throwing up food.




Often, baby-led weaning and throwing food goes hand in hand. But, you can see, that by paying a little more attention to the manner in which you react to kids, or your family reacts to them, or how much stuff you serve them, or keeping pets at a distance during their mealtimes, you can easily stop your baby from throwing up edibles from a high chair.

Also, you need to understand the psychology of your baby or toddler, and not overfeed him or her. As a parent, you have to realize a lot of aspects of the items being fed and the inner mechanism of your child.

Just keep the above points in mind and feeding your child will get better in no time.

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