7 Places You Shouldn’t Let Your Baby Sleep


As new parents, you might be a bit worried about choosing the place to let your child nap. Most parents ask can baby sleep in a high chair or in a stroller. The typical answer they get is to put their babies to snooze anywhere they feel best. However, this is not the best advice at all. There are places that are riskier for your child to nap and places that are safer.

Don’t worry; we will help you get you through this dilemma.

Here are the top places you shouldn’t let your little one sleep.



1. Their Stroller


Most often, parents let their babies nap in their car stroller. While it seems like a plausible option when you are traveling, letting your child doze in a stroller isn’t a good idea. Since a stroller holds the child in an upright position, it can prevent your munchkin from proper breathing.

Moreover, months old babies are still developing their sleeping habits and letting your kid slumber in a stroller will make them associate the stroller with nap time. This will make it harder for them to rest in their crib or bed.


2. Their Car Seat


Similar to their stroller, a baby car seat will withhold the toddler from having proper breathing, restricting their airway. This is extremely hazardous as it doesn’t allow relaxed and comfortable breathing.

If you have no other options but to make travel with your kid in a car, ensure that you run your errands when they have completed their nap time and is active and alert.

Moreover, never ever feed your child while he/she is in the car seat, as there is a potential choking hazard.


3. Baby Carrier


In recent times, working parents have made baby carrying a trendy thing. However, as cute as it may look, don’t allow your little one to doze off in a carrier or sling. While there is no issue with that since the babies are in a seated position this way and their airways are clear, there have been cases of babies suffering from asphyxia.

Well, babies feel more safe and comfortable when they are close to their parents. However, it is a personal choice, and you should be aware of the potential risks associated with it.


4. Sleep in a High Chair



A high chair is solely for the feeding purpose, and you should not let your child nap in a high chair. Most people ask whether is it safe for the baby to sleep in a high chair. The simple answer is ‘No.’ This is because a high chair will hold him in an upright position, which isn’t a comfortable position for a child for an extended period of time.

A high chair is a great tool for moms as it let them feed their child in a comfortable environment. Brands like ‘gandikids’ offer some of the versatile high chairs but need to keep in mind that they are not for sleeping purposes. There is a choking hazard as well with letting your kid snooze on a high chair.

If your munchkin has just finished his meal and immediately fall asleep on his high chair, make sure that he doesn’t have food in his mouth before transferring him to his crib.


5. Baby Hammock


While a hammock is a fun way to rest and relax as it feels like they are floating in the air, hammocks are unstable and don’t provide the necessary support they need. According to experts, hammocks are not suitable for babies at they lack proper neck and head support.

Moreover, hammocks are prone to moving unexpectedly, which can cause the child to stuck on one side that can cause suffocation. Moreover, since babies are still developing a sleeping pattern, letting your little one nap in a hammock, which is known for its swinging motion, will make it difficult for them to shut their eyes on any other place. On the other hand, hard-swinging could lead to brain damage in babies.


6. In Bed with You


The majority of parents promote the idea of sharing the bed with their babies. While many believe that it triggers closeness, there are many risks associated with it. For starters, the sheets can tangle him and cause suffocation.

Moreover, the sheets and the mattress could cause the babies to overheat. On the other hand, you could possibly harm the child if you move a lot while sleeping.


7. On Sofa or Couch


This is the dumbest idea anybody could think of. Never ever let your kid sleep on a couch or sofa; it doesn’t matter how comfortable it is. There is always a chance of your baby rolling and falling, causing severe injuries. Never leave your munchkin unattended if he/she is sleeping on a sofa.




These are potential harmful/hazardous places to let your baby sleep. Always prefer a crib. Always invest in the best baby sleeping and carrying products.

If you have questions regarding the topic, do ask us.


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