Age Limits for Baby High Chair


Every child is different, and they develop at their own pace. Some are slow growers who need help and support all the time, while some have a full-fledged growth spurt. It is not just about the size we are talking about, but the ability of the brain function as well.

Therefore, it can be difficult to determine the high chair age limit for your child. What type of baby furniture your child will use will depend on your child itself. So, you need to watch your baby for those answers.

We know it can be overwhelming; therefore, we are here to provide our insights on the topic.

Let’s get started.


Age limits recommended by high chair manufacturers


The age limit recommended for baby furniture will depend on the manufacturers. Manufacturers design and develop high chairs accordingly. Some of them suggest that their feeding seats are for babies aged six months and above (read our article  “When to Start Using High Chair: The Guide You Need”) while some recommend that their seats are designed for children aged eight months and above. You will also find that there is furniture for toddlers that they can use as young as when 3 or 4 months old.

On the other hand, kids’ furniture like feeding seats can be used until your little one is too big or heavy for the chair. This age limit can go from as minimum as three years and as maximum as five years or above.

So, it is really up to your child’s growth level to determine what age are high chairs for. Still, it is recommended that you go with a feeding seat that can accommodate your little munchkin as long as he/she needs it. According to experts, a child can use a high chair for up to eleven years of age. So, there is no right answer. It will all depend on your children’s mental as well as physical ability.


Signs that your baby is grew up from high chair


As said earlier, you need to watch your children to see if they still need a feeding seat or not. There are plenty of signs that your baby will show stating that it is time to move to something different other than a high chair.

To see the signs, you might have to focus on your child’s mischievousness. With that in mind, here are some prominent signs that tell the transition of your kid from a high chair to booster seat age or any other baby furniture.


1. They want to be like adults

small girl imitating her mother

Did you just notice that your kid is mimicking every little thing you do? Well, if that’s the case, it is safe to say that your child is ready to move on from a feeding seat.

Babies learn from the environment they are in. When they reach a certain age, they start imitating what people around them are doing. For example, if daddy is talking on the phone, the child will also try to imitate him. You will find this cute, but this is actually a sign that your baby is growing quickly and that his furniture needs to be changed.

If your little one is acting like an adult want to sit on a table with you and the other siblings, it is time that you ditch the high chair.


2. They are becoming an escape artist

Your kid becomes an escape artist

Is your little one has become capable of unbuckling the safety straps? Do you have to keep an eye on them all the time when they on their high chair because you fear they can climb in and out?

If the answer is yes, then you can justify that your kid ready to move on from a feeding seat. It is true that most parents will find their children unbuckling the safety straps inspiring and proud.

However, it is recommended not to encourage this behavior by letting your child use a high chair. It is a safety hazard, and if left unattended, your kid may be prone to accidents.


3. They have started to understand rules

There is freedom only when a framework and rules are established.

One of the best ways to find out whether your little one has transitioned from a feeding seat to the table is to see if they can follow the rules. Before you let your child sit on a table with you, it is important that you make them understand that it is not safe.

Only if they understand that the chair is safe not for playing, standing, lying, or rocking, then you can let them sit on the table with the whole family.


Final Words


There is no specific high chair age limit, and it will all depend on your little one. Make sure that you don’t fail to see the discussed signs. It is vital for your child’s further growth and safety.


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